About Kathy’s Knits

Welcome to Kathy’s Knits. For as long as I can remember, knitting has been my passion. And opening a shop in 2012 was the realisation of a dream that’s been 30 years in the making

It was my grandmother who got me started at the age of four. She taught me those first few fumbling stitches. What I didn’t know then was that knitting was in my blood and these were to be the first of millions.

I learned that my mother’s family originated from Shetland and that knitting is part of my heritage. Over time I heard all the stories about how the women on the Isles sat knitting furiously from their wheskers (knitting belts). It wasn’t a hobby to them. In Shetland it was essential.

It was a real treat in later life to go to Shetland to experience it all for myself.

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Since those early days, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and visit some amazing yarn shops and farms from New Zealand to Hong Kong, from Spain to Australia. Each stop has given me fresh ideas and inspired me to tackle new projects. My family and friends have never been short of things to wear!

During that time, I went back to college and spent 3 years completing a diploma in design. This gave me a proper grounding in texture, colour and design and how best to blend all three. It was invaluable.

So, when it came to chosing yarns for the shop, the choice was easy. Scotland and the rest of the British Isles produce some of the best yarn in the world!

If you’ve not managed to make it along to the shop yet, I hope you get the chance soon. I look forward to meeting you, sharing ideas and hearing all about your latest project.

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Kathy’s Knits

What to expect.

I love browsing around yarns shops, chatting to other knitters, getting new ideas and helpful tips. Is there anything more relaxing ?

This is exactly the type of environment we want to create at our shop. Kathy’s Knits is a place where knitters of all ages and standards can come for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Where you can can get answers to questions and practical help from other people. A place where you are encouraged to take your time, feel the texture, enjoy the colours, and make the right choice.

It’s sad that shopping has become so impersonal, and I want to do my bit to change that. I want you to have an enjoyable experience at Kathy’s Knits, so you want to come back again – even if its just to pop in for a chat, have a browse or knit a few rows.

You are always assured a warm welcome.