Jamieson & Smith

100% Real Shetland Wool, from sheep that are born and bred on the islands.

Since the 1930s, Jamieson & Smith (often abbreviated to J&S) have been producing beautiful high quality yarns from Shetland sheep born and bred on the islands (the most northerly in the UK). This is an ancient breed of sheep, which produces a fine soft wool in a variety of different natural shades.

J&S produce a variety of different yarn types, from very fine cobweb-type single-ply lace (used to knit traditional “wedding ring” shawls – so fine and airy that they can be pulled through a wedding ring!) to their widely known and loved 2-ply jumper weight, which comes in a huge range of over 90 colours and is commonly used in Fair Isle knitting. We also stock their Aran-weight yarn, which is delightfully soft and fluffy and comes in a range of both natural and dyed shades.

In addition to a wide range of J&S yarns, we also stock many J&S books and patterns if you need some extra inspiration!